There are currently 100 Wanteds in the game.

Here are a few ways players can get Wanted.

The most easiest and simplest way to get Wanted is to simply collect bounty from Wanted Players; however this way is very time consuming. The other way is just entering a random game with up to 16 players since 1st gives out 3 BP. Wanteds give anywhere from 0 to 6, mirroring how many bounty points a player in first will drop in a given game, which is based on how many people are in the game. With 1-5 players, there are no bounty points dropped. From 6-10, the Wanteds and the player in 1st place will drop 1 point. From 11-15, Wanteds and players in first will drop 2 points, and a player in second place will drop 1. Finally, a game with 16 players will cause the Wanteds and the 1st place player to drop a 3 point reward, the player in 2nd place will drop a 2 point reward, and the player in 3rd will drop a one point reward.

Most WantedEdit

Rank Username Bounty




2 B44b 726,676
3 Arkham 703,931
4 2k10adder 676,000
5 Champ24j 672,656
6 UltimateMakabre 638,572
7 XCh4ng3x 636,363
8 Bossi97 619,918
9 STANKMAN 603,510
100 Bords11 206,662