The Policy was last updated on May 2nd, 2014
These rules HAVE to be followed.
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Welcome to our Editing Policy page of Boxhead Bounty Hunter!

Everyone is allowed to edit on the BBH wikia, including you. Now, before you start off, you may want to read our rules first. If you have any question or concerns about the editing policy, then please contact an Admin, they will help you out further.

Editing and Article Creating

While editing there are rules everyone must follow, even us Admins.

  • Do not create duplicate threads.
  • Do not create empty pages.
  • Linking to other wikis are prohibited.
  • Images should be related to the article.
  • Do not discuss 3rd party software.
  • Editing must be relevant to BBH.
  • Articles need to be created in a neutral point of view.


  • An editor must be at least English literate.
  • Articles must be written in third person. 
  • Players must never be seen as a "he" or a "she", it must always be referred as "they."


  • Questions that have already been answered in the article WILL be removed.
  • Comments comparing one player to another WILL be removed.
  • Comments cannot be personal stories about you or another player in an article {everyone has a page for this.}
  • This wiki has no affiliation with XGen or Sean Copper, comments about anything involving a development team WILL be removed.


  • Offensive language is allowed as this game is for a Mature audience, just don't take it too far.
  • Personal attacks against others WILL NOT be tolerated.
  • The Wikia Admins are allowed to extend bans.
  • The Wikia is not the place for discussing bans inflicted on the wikia and the game.
  • Sexual comments about others and the community WILL NOT be tolerated.


  • Ban evasion is NOT tolerated. Any changes from a secondary account will be reverted.
  • Attempting to impersonate an ADMIN and harassing a person WILL NOT be tolerated.